What Are The Four Major Golf Tournaments?

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There are four major golf tournaments that are held annually in men’s golf – these events are mostly referred to as the most prestigious events in men’s golf tournaments. These events are also referred to by many as the “Majors”. They include:

  • The Masters
  • United States Open Championship
  • British Open
  • PGA Championship

The women’s golf event has four majors while the men’s senior has five in total. Its important to note that the tournaments considered as majors for each category may change due to events that have become more or less prestigious.

The tournaments that are considered to be major tournaments are determined by what people think is important and not by any governing officials. There are requirements for each major. And for many golfers, qualifying for the major is the ultimate desire. The money that is attached to the tournament is much more than what you will get in most sport tournaments. Each major have four 18-hole rounds with specific rules for playoffs when there is a tie for the lead after the fourth round.

Below are the major master golf tournaments that will be held this year, And if you are a golf fan and looking forward to this year’s major tournaments, a good way to enjoy the event is to have your Masters Golf Coffee Mug by your side enjoying the tournaments with your friends.


The Masters is the only major golf event held on the same golf course every year. This event usually falls in the month of April and is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. The master event which is known for its picturesque setting was established in 1934 and the winner of the event goes home with the green jacket. The Masters also has fewer numbers of golfers of about less than a hundred golfers and this invitation is based on certain qualifications like winning recent tournaments or golfers who are ranked in the top 50 position in the ladder during the previous year. For past Masters Winners, they receive lifetime invitations to partake in the tournament.

U.S. Open

The US Open was established in 1895 and is controlled by the United States Golf Association (USGA). The tournament comes up every June with 156 golfers who qualified or received exemption to play based on certain criteria. Just like the Masters, to earn a spot in the US Open, you have to compete in special local tournaments as well as sectional qualifying tournaments. Amateurs or professional golfers who wants to partake in the US Open has to compete in qualifying tournaments. The US Open is not held on the same golf course every year and has been held in various golf courses throughout the United States.

The US Open is generally referred to as the most difficult of the majors because the courses are set by the USGA to make the play extremely challenging.

Open Championship

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The Open Championship or mostly referred to as the British Open is the oldest of the majors. It was established in 1860 with great tradition. The tournament is conducted by the R&A which is an acronym for The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, and is considered one of golf’s governing bodies. The tournament comes up every July and it generally takes place on one of nine courses in England and Scotland. Similar to the US Open, the British open has 156 golfers to compete and these golfers are those who receive exemption based on qualifying criteria and those who have earned their spot by qualifying through special tournaments.

The British open courses are “links” courses which means that the courses are closer to the coast with few trees which makes playing quite difficult because of the high wind, deep sand bunkers, and very tall thick grasses except in the main playing area.

PGA Championship

This championship is conducted by professional Golfers Association of America which is the official organization for golf instructors and officials in the US. This championship comes up every August at a course in the United States. The field of 156 golfers include 20 club pros or instructing professionals and 136 others who qualified based on certain criteria. The PGA championship is still the only tournament that does not reserve a certain number of spots for amateur golfers. Fr an amateur to qualify for the PGA he must have to win one of the majors to qualify.

History of Major Golf Tournaments

The Masters, US Open, British Open, and PGA Championship were the only four majors that were competed for since 1960. Before the Masters came about in 1934, the British Amateur and US Amateur were the major tournaments, along with the US Open and British Open. By the late 1950s, the Masters and PGA Championship had replaced the two amateur events as majors.

Grand Slam

The grand slam is a term to refer to a golfer who had won the four majors in the same year. The title has only been won by one person by the name BobJones – an American. He won the US Open, The British Open, the US Amateur and the British Amateur all in the same year of 1930. No one else has had this feat ever since except for Tiger Wood (also an American) who won four consecutive majors between 2000-2001. He finished fifth in the 2000 Masters, Won the US Open, British Open (2000) PGA Championship (2000) and the Masters (2001). This made people refer to him as “Tiger Slam”.

Women’s Majors Golf Tournament

Most women’s professional golf tournaments consist of three rounds of 18 holes each, but the women’s majors are four rounds each. The four women’s tournaments that are considered majors are the Kraft Nabisco Championship, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Championship, the US Women’s Open, and the Women’s British Open. In 2001, the Women’s British Open replaced the du Maurier Classic as a major. Other tournaments once considered women’s majors include the Women’s Western Open and the Titleholder Classic.

Senior Men’s Majors

Male golfers aged 50 and older are eligible to play in senior men’s tournaments. Most senior men’s tournaments consist of three 18-hole rounds, but for seniors it is all four rounds. There are five senior men’s majors: the Senior PGA Championship; The Tradition; the Senior Players Championship; the Senior U.S. Open; and the Senior Open Championship, or Senior British Open.

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